Manufacturing IT solutions accelerate product lifecycles from R&D to consumption

Citrix manufacturing IT solutions empower automakers, consumer goods, chemical, aerospace and defense manufacturers with innovative cloud computing, workforce mobility and desktop virtualization technologies that help them stay competitive in the new era. Thousands of manufacturers rely on Citrix to deliver geographically dispersed R&D, plant floor and distribution teams secure access to the resources required to bring products to the point of consumption faster – with no disruption in the supply chain.

Citrix manufacturing solutions address strategic industry priorities

Centralize IT to deliver real-time information to every point in the manufacturing process

Today, IT leaders in manufacturing are expected to do more with limited resources. Your teams need to support innovative and strategic business initiatives like service delivery to globally distributed facilities or reducing plant downtime. However, most of your budget, time and personnel are spent implementing, updating and supporting core and legacy systems and expensive high-end workstations. Citrix solutions for manufacturing enable IT leaders to utilize technologies such as cloud computing and desktop virtualization to centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure. This leads to the reduced overhead and increased efficiency needed to cut manufacturing plant downtime, meet production schedules, enable workforce mobility and quickly scale to changing business cycles. The result is an innovative, lean manufacturing environment.

Enhance productivity and enable mobility to deliver new paths to profitability

Manufacturing business leaders are under intense pressure to take advantage of emerging markets and increase workforce productivity and mobility while meeting strict regulatory requirements. To remain competitive, manufacturing organizations need to build a flexible business model that scales with market demands and addresses the challenges associated with a dispersed global workforce. Citrix solutions for manufacturing enable your IT team to centrally deliver business critical as well as 3D applications and workstations to any facility, device or person. Since this happens in a matter of days rather than weeks or months, your organization can accelerate product launches and stay ahead of the competition.

Ensure security of sensitive corporate data and safeguard intellectual property

Keeping intellectual property secure is a huge undertaking, especially since sensitive product information passes through many points in the lifecycle – including third parties. You face stringent NDA requirements from the organizations to which you supply goods. But your workforce – from designers to executives and even contractors – require timely, mobile access to information to accelerate product launches and minimize production delays. Citrix solutions empower you to address key security and compliance priorities by ensuring the right level of secure access for every individual and situation – without sacrificing individual workforce productivity or satisfaction.

Manufacturing organizations across the globe rely on Citrix products to deliver a seamless and secure Mobile Workspace

What is a mobile workspace?

A mobile workspace is an always on, always connected, personalized working environment that manufacturing employees can take with them as they work across devices, locations and networks.

The Citrix Mobile Workspace delivers this experience by securely uniting Windows, web and mobile applications, desktops, files and services into a single workspace that’s tailored to a person’s role or business unit function. For manufacturing organizations, this delivers enhanced mobility and productivity, giving employees like designers, developers, factory floor workers, contracted staff and executives a single, instant point of access into every resource they require to do their jobs and deliver the best customer experience.

  Citrix Workspace Suite VMware Workspace Suite
Virtual desktop delivery
Windows application delivery Initial version
Windows application migration tools  
Mobile device management
Mobile application management and delivery
Mobile email, calendar, contacts (PIM), and web apps
Native mobile apps for note taking and Office document editing and annotation  
Enterprise file sync and share
File sync and share integration with native mobile email Limited
File sync and share integration for on-demand sync with hosted apps and desktops  
Secure remote access to apps and desktops (SSL VPN)  
Extensive single sign-on for native mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows apps
Granular app policy security controls Limited
Integrated app and desktop delivery optimization (WAN Optimization)  
Trade-up offers from existing virtualization or mobility solutions  

Centrally deliver instant, secure access to graphics-intensive 3D apps on any device

Powered by Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop centralize the management and delivery of desktops and applications. XenDesktop and XenApp with HDX 3D Pro allows companies to accelerate product time to market by empowering their users across the globe with real-time access to graphic intensive apps and workstations, as well as real-time collaboration around centrally hosted data. Provide full functionality of Windows-based apps on any mobile device, extending their utility to the manufacturing floor, customer site and anywhere else manufacturing professionals work. Manufacturing IT teams can centrally manage, patch and update desktop images and apps in the datacenter, eliminating planned downtimes for upgrades. Centralize data, such as intellectual property and customer information, where it can be safeguarded effectively on endpoints distributed across the globe, eliminating the need to exchange data via email, FTP, physical media and other outdated methods.

Embrace mobility without compromising intellectual property

Powered by Citrix XenMobile

Citrix XenMobile is a complete enterprise mobility management solution that includes mobile device management, mobile application management and enterprise-grade productivity apps in one product. This comprehensive EMM solution improves both security and productivity. Employees and business partners have access to the corporate resources they need, such as secure email, corporate intranet, mobile and SaaS apps, on their device of choice, allowing for real-time decision making at various points of the supply chain. Manufacturing IT teams are able to support mobile devices without comprising their security footprint with the ability to monitor activity and secure corporate data - such as intellectual property and customer information.

Securely access and exchange large design files

Powered by Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise-grade file sharing solution that provides offline access, email and CRM integration, making it easy to view and send documents securely, even when on-the-go. Designers, factory workers, researchers, vendors and contractors can share large CAD files, wherever they may be from their device of choice, providing a secure, efficient and user-friendly experience. Protect IP information and reduce the risk of an IP breach with end-to-end encryption of data, watermarking features, audit trails and customized reporting. 

Control, optimize and secure the delivery of mission-critical applications and desktops to distributed locations

Powered by Citrix NetScaler

Citrix NetScaler is an advanced service delivery solution that optimizes, secures and controls the delivery of any enterprise application, virtual desktop or cloud and mobile service. With the ability to access applications and desktops five times faster with NetScaler, employees are able to quickly access the information needed to meet production demands in real time. Load balancing and visibility into app and desktop performance ensures zero downtime and allows proactive response from manufacturing IT teams to performance issues, mitigating the risk of production delays. For globally distributed facilities with poor infrastructure, reduce connectivity costs and optimize bandwidth utilization with NetScaler SD-WAN.

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