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Citrix Cloud: How it works

Citrix Cloud provides the fastest, simplest, and most flexible approach to securely managing digital workspaces. Focus on your apps, data, and people—not infrastructure.

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Citrix Cloud meets you where you are

Organizations of all sizes are embracing the cloud to simplify IT, reduce infrastructure, and boost productivity. Citrix Cloud meets you where you are in your cloud journey by offering the simplest, most flexible way to deliver apps, desktops, and data—everything needed to get work done. With Citrix Cloud, you can deliver secure digital workspaces using any infrastructure or cloud—or a combination of both.

Why consider Citrix cloud-based management

Deploy, activate, and configure Citrix Cloud services in hours.

Boost IT agility with the most efficient way to manage Citrix technologies.

Manage your apps and data on any hybrid- or multi-cloud infrastructure you choose.

Secure by design, you decide where your apps, desktops, and data reside.

Never perform a Citrix upgrade again with always-up-to-date technology.

Digital workspaces make the future of work possible

What you can do with Citrix Cloud

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Citrix Cloud subscription plans starting at $135/year