Desktop and app virtualization is a critical enabler of enterprise mobility, delivering resources as a service to users working anywhere, on any device, while providing centralized control and management. Strategically, it offers a platform for future changes to the IT environment, such as moving to the cloud.

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Citrix Consulting Engagements

Even if you have already implemented a virtualization solution, our experts can assist you in optimizing or scaling your environment to meet your business needs. We can also provide guidance in migrating apps, tailoring desktops to different user groups or ensuring high-performance delivery to remote locations. Citrix Consulting can assist you where you need help.

Design engagements help gather and describe the business requirements for desktop virtualization, then define and document the design of a Citrix solution that meets the particular business and IT objectives.  All design documentation is thoroughly reviewed during the Citrix Quality Assurance process, to ensure technical accuracy, risk mitigation, and alignment with Citrix Consulting’s leading practices and extensive field experience.

Assessment engagements evaluate technical infrastructure and business processes as they relate to successfully delivering applications and desktops using Citrix solutions. These consist of interactive sessions to discuss characteristics of the technical environment and related business processes while sharing proven best practices and field experiences. Assessments may complete a comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure areas that affect the performance, scalability and maintenance of the existing and/ or planned Citrix environment, and also the resolution of any issues identified.

Pilot deployment engagements rapidly deploy a standardized, production ready virtualization solution. This is a fast way to build a Citrix virtualization baseline deployment for future expansion and configuration.

Deployment engagements involve installing, and configuring a Citrix solution to meet the specifications from the Design phase of the Citrix Consulting methodology. This may include supporting the integration of applications required, and performing thorough testing of all infrastructure components. Citrix Consulting can guide you through a phased rollout, using our leading practices and extensive field experience to mitigate risk and help ensure a successful deployment.

Citrix Consulting has a number of services to support the ongoing operation of your Citrix solution.  These include “Operations and Support Design” services to review you current application and desktop management operations and support framework in order to assess its suitability and readiness to support your Citrix solution, and propose additional activities for optimal performance. This may also include services such as the creation of Runbooks providing guidance on specific technical tasks or maintenance activities, based on Citrix leading practice and customer experience.

Citrix Remote Monitoring simplifies the adoption, management and future expansion of a Citrix solution. Whether required for a short-term issue identification and stabilization project, multi-year infrastructure monitoring and administration or expansion of your environment, Citrix experts are available to help.

Remote Services can help you identify and resolve issues faster, maximize uptime, implement change control and best practice and free your IT team to focus on other projects. This cost-effective offering brings together a unique blend of experience, people, tools and pro­cesses to help you achieve the greatest benefit and returns from your Citrix investment.

Prefer a customized engagement?

Citrix Consulting can provide services to support virtualization solutions across every phase of our consulting methodology. These custom engagements enable you to fully design, configure and deploy Citrix solutions to fit your business and end-user requirements.

Prepackaged services must be completed within 90 days of purchase and are not subject to acceptance.

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