Transform branch offices for high-touch, high-performance experiences

Increase productivity, improve branch connectivity, and deliver differentiated customer service with reliable, available and secure apps and data.

Centralize IT operations and management

Centralization of virtualized apps, desktops and data enables a single IT group to instantly deliver these resources to employees in any location, reducing local IT instances and associated costs. IT can quickly administer patches, upgrades and migrations to close security gaps, address challenges in interoperability and reduce management complexity.

Lower the cost of growth with innovations in connectivity

Highly available, reliable and secure networking that doesn’t exponentially increase costs makes it more effective to manage branch office IT and networks. Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability. The centralization of IT eliminates the need for dedicated staff and resources within each location. Temporary branches can be opened and closed more easily to accommodate seasonal demand.

Improve performance and availability of apps and data

Optimized WAN and cloud connectivity improves virtual desktop and app performance for branch office and remote users, and accelerates traditional enterprise applications, even when a network connection fails. IT can prioritize business-critical apps to ensure branch connectivity, uptime and high performance over congested networks.

[ Centralized IT with virtualized apps ] gives our bankers the ability to talk to our customers and move around the branch without having to sign off one system, and move to another system to sign back on. This gives them full mobility within the branch, and that’s a key productivity and efficiency improvement.
Gary Sim
General Manager, Service Delivery Infrastructure
Westpac Bank

Provide a better experience for workers and customers

Innovations in banking IT allow branch workers to access personalized workspaces delivered from a central location, secured right at the network, and to securely smooth-roam sessions to mobile devices in order to service customers standing in line. Customers can be provided with wifi access for self-service information and account tasks while in the branch.

Secure sensitive financial data and meet compliance

With innovative centralized IT for banking, upgrade and security patches can be applied to applications quickly and regularly. An integrated solution to secure networks, devices, apps, and data reduces security gaps and the challenges of interoperability. Reduce the compliance footprint to meet regulation requirements by removing sensitive data from endpoint devices so it can be stored more securely in the datacenter.

Download the financial services mobility kit

Download this kit to learn how Citrix customers leverage mobility to drive changes in the way they serve their customers, and the business and technology best practices for financial services IT to support this business initiative.

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