Ensure security for financial services apps and data

Maintain control over sensitive data, battle fraud, defend against constant attacks and meet financial services regulatory compliance mandates without compromising IT efficiency.

Secure sensitive financial apps and data

Virtualized finance apps with unified and strict access controls ensure all data and applications remain protected in the datacenter instead of on endpoint devices that may be lost or stolen easily. Security patches can be applied quickly and easily. Financial services data delivered for offline use to endpoints remains encrypted.

Reduce risk of finance data loss from threats

Centralized security controls such as granular policy-setting allows application policies to be defined and managed so that access can be restricted based on roles and devices.  This ensures data protection without compromising customer/user experience. Network security protects web applications from both known and unknown threats. An integrated solution designed for secure financial services also reduces potential security vulnerabilities that can be exploited for attacks.

Due to the security concerns and limitations of external websites, especially in the financial and banking industry, being able to share files across in a safe and secure way is important. ShareFile is the best solution; it has a PC and mobile friendly interface.
James Tan
Marketing Professional
MasterCard Incorporated

Ensure compliance with financial regulations and facilitate enforcement

With business-sensitive apps and data centralized in the datacenter instead of all the endpoint devices that access them, the audit footprint is dramatically reduced to comply with industry and governmental regulations. Additional regulatory compliance enforcement can be obtained with the ability to encrypt data-in-motion and data-at-rest; containerize and wipe data on mobile devices; restrict the sharing and copying of data; and segregate protected data in restricted spaces that can be closely monitored.

Support remote working and BYO

Optimized mobile financial services solutions ensure security controls and on-the-go productivity without compromising user experience. Mobile financial services workers can securely access the apps and data they need from anywhere using any device, via a centralized set of security controls that IT can set based on role, device specifications, and location.

Download the financial services mobility kit

Download this kit to learn how Citrix customers leverage mobility to drive changes in the way they serve their customers, and the business and technology best practices for financial services IT to support this business initiative.

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