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Differentiate and grow your business in the highly competitive cloud market

Meet customer needs and improve efficiency

Cloud Service Providers need to reduce costs while providing a rich set of services such as infrastructure, platform and networking in order to remain competitive and profitable. In order to thrive, you need a vendor with a full stack of infrastructure solutions and support that will allow you to achieve rapid time-to-value and offer services that set you apart from the competition.

Build and scale cloud services with our customizable solutions

Citrix offerings are built on rock-solid infrastructure components that can scale to the size of your customer base and address their unique needs around security, stability and performance. Citrix best-of-breed cloud infrastructure solutions allow you to build your cloud from the ground up with the automation and integration to drive your business’s services from a vendor with no lock-in. Deploy and scale cloud services quickly and cost-effectively to tenants with differing and increasing demands.

Start at the hypervisor layer with a cloud-proven server virtualization platform

XenServer is a virtualization platform used by the world’s leading public clouds across all major cloud orchestration platforms including CloudPlatform, Apache CloudStack and OpenStack. This interoperability means XenServer is cloud ready: designed for horizontal scale, cloud-scale performance, security, openness and simplicity.

Optimize your delivery network with NetScaler

In order to maintain and grow profitability, cloud service providers need to maximize efficiency and lower costs with enhanced resource utilization and flexible interoperability. NetScaler provides unprecedented network scalability and optimization, is certified to run on the Mirantis OpenStack distribution, and is the leading virtualized Application Delivery Controller (ADC) platform on the market. Offer automated networking services to your customers including load balancing and ADC.

Explore market leading solutions for Cloud Service Providers

Use Citrix infrastructure products to optimize, secure and manage the delivery of high-value cloud services with minimal effort. Rapidly deploy and provision network services with multi-tenant, self-service capabilities such as load balancing “as a Service” with NetScaler Control Center (NCC).

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Customers want to leverage their existing datacenter investments by integrating dedicated public cloud resources with on-premises infrastructure. Citrix helps cloud service providers offer competitive services that meet these needs.

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Citrix networking solutions power the largest and most successful clouds in the world. Leading cloud service providers use Citrix to cost-effectively scale the network while protecting data and apps, streamlining management and automating networking services.

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