Now available:  XenServer 7

Introducing XenServer 7, featuring enhanced graphics support, a revolutionary approach to VM security, and advanced management capabilities.

Expanded 3D graphics leadership

XenServer offers best in class support for high performance enhanced 3D graphics, with the widest variety of GPU pass-through and virtualized GPU vendor options.

Intel’s embedded Iris Pro Graphics GPU introduces a new, market-first offering for XenServer. With a low barrier to entry, it enables smaller footprint servers without need for additional GPU cards to power XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructures for enhanced 3D graphics, saving on additional solution costs.

XenServer 7 introduces NVIDIA GRID vGPU support for RHEL and SUSE Linux applications. Organizations can now leverage the XenDesktop benefits of virtualizing enhanced 3D graphics Linux applications into the data center.

XenServer 7 integration with the latest NVIDIA GRID Maxwell-gen hardware enables increased vGPU sessions per host, now up to 128. The M6/M60 cards also increase the availability of enhanced graphics to new server form factors.

Tight Microsoft integration

Simplify virtualized infrastructure maintenance for IT admins:

  • XenServer moves the process of updating Windows VM-based I/O drivers into Microsoft Windows Update Services.
  • On a VM without XenTools, this will install a lite-agent with the para-virtualized drivers, also keeping them up-to-date.
  • An upgrade tool is provided for a one-time batch update of existing VMs to the new drivers.

SMB (Server Message Block) support enables XenServer to utilize Microsoft Windows storage arrays for storage repositories, extending the supported storage types and opening up new opportunities for Windows based arrays.

XenServer integration with Microsoft Active Directory integration has been updated to improve performance and to support much larger, more complex Active Directory forests.

VM security revolutionized

XenServer Direct Inspect APIs introduce a paradigm shift for software-defined infrastructure protection against viruses and malware. For more information on integration and a free demo, visit the Bitdefender’s GravityZone HVI tech preview.

Leveraging new APIs within the Xen hypervisor creates a first-to-market commercial solution which security vendors can then integrate with for “better than physical” protection against malicious activity.

This innovative approach means protection against memory-based malicious activity is moved outside of the VM to the hypervisor layer. Malware that has compromised a VM can at best only hide itself within the VM’s OS, but not from outside of the VM.

Adopting an innovative approach, the security solution targets the techniques used by hackers and virus writers rather than pre-defined virus or malware signatures. This enables protection against zero-day attacks that would otherwise not be possible.

Integration with Citrix Lifecycle Management

To simplify the lifecycle operations of your business applications, Citrix has integrated Lifecycle Manager with XenServer, enabling fast, repeatable deployments and monitoring of Citrix XenApp and other Citrix workloads.

  • XenServer is easily integrated into Lifecycle Manager as a target for application deployments.  The included blueprints enable Citrix standard best-practice deployments, reduce the time required to install and configure large infrastructure deployments, and decrease time-to-value.
  • Following initial deployment, Lifecycle Management includes the necessary monitoring, management and upgrades to ensure your deployments are secure and up-to-date

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