XenApp 6.5 EoL is approaching. Upgrade to XenApp 7.x

XenApp 6.5 End of Life (EoL) is coming fast. Now is a great time to migrate to XenApp 7.x! Watch the Citrix Virtual Apps Migration Planning webinar to help you get started with your move to XenApp 7.x.

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Step 1: Prepare for XenApp 6.5 EoL and plan your 7.x upgrade

The most important step in preparing for XenApp 6.5 EoL and upgrading to XenApp 7.x is planning. XenApp 7.x introduces the new FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) as a robust platform for delivering cloud and on-premises virtual applications from a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems. This powerful XenApp 7.x architecture introduces new concepts, terminology, and functionality. Before installing XenApp 7.x in your environment, get up to speed on the new architecture and all the security, user experience, and management benefits it provides.

Step 2: Build your XenApp 7.x environment

Apply your new skills by building a XenApp 7.x environment. Select your server operating system of choice and leverage the easy-to-use install wizards to guide you through the install process. Take a tour of the new, consolidated management and monitoring consoles with Citrix Studio and Citrix Director. Publish Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops within the redesigned FlexCast Management Architecture and see how XenApp 7.x is optimized for the administrator.

Step 3: Integrate your XenApp 6.5 and 7.x environments

Citrix StoreFront is one of your most powerful Citrix Virtual Apps migration tools.  StoreFront aggregates and intelligently delivers virtual apps from all your Citrix Virtual Apps environments in one central location.  That means XenApp 7.x can live side-by-side with your existing Citrix Virtual Apps environment, enabling you to complete the upgrade process at your own pace. Citrix StoreFront aggregates your older Citrix Virtual Apps environments (IMA) and new XenApp 7.x resources in one place—while providing your users with personalized, self-service access to their business apps from any device—making it easy for your users to transition between existing and new environments. 

Step 4: Upgrade to XenApp 7.x

When you are ready to migrate all your apps to XenApp 7.x, Citrix has the tools to get you over the finish line.  If your apps are staying on Server 2008R2, the XenApp 7.x install wizard will simply uninstall XenApp 6.5 and install XenApp 7.x for an easy migration.  If you are moving your apps to a new operating system like Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016, Citrix provides powerful tools like AppDNA to automatically assess OS compatibility and provide remediation guidance.  Citrix also provides powerful migration tools that intelligently export your existing Citrix Virtual Apps policies and settings into new XenApp 7.x configurations where applicable. 

Support Windows Server 2008 EoL and Windows 10 Migration and simplify future upgrades

Combine Windows Server 2008 R2 reaching EOL in early 2015, the introduction of Windows Server 2016 and employees upgrading to Windows 10 at a record rate with Microsoft announcing new versions of Windows faster than ever, it’s increasingly important for IT to have a seamless, simplified process for adopting new releases and supporting users on older operating systems. XenApp 7.x architecture accelerates app migrations and enables simplified upgrades as future versions are released by allowing for simultaneous management and delivery of virtual apps from multiple operating systems.