Citrix Content Collaboration end-user adoption resource guide

This guide is designed to provide IT with the necessary resources to educate end users on the benefits of using Citrix Content Collaboration as your enterprise file sync and sharing solution, and to improve user adoption within your organization.

Share this video with your end-users to explain what Citrix Content Collaboration is and why it should be used throughout your organization.

Why should I use Citrix Content Collaboration?

Why Citrix Content Collaboration?

Citrix Content Collaboration is a secure enterprise file sync and sharing service that meets the data security requirements of the enterprise while allowing employees to work and collaborate from anywhere. Users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with colleagues and customers while meeting strict corporate security and compliance requirements.

Introduction to Citrix Content Collaboration

Getting started with Citrix Content Collaboration

The following resources are guides to provide employees with the basics of Citrix Content Collaboration, tips on how to get started and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Citrix Content Collaboration Cloud Adoption Services Team

The Citrix Content Collaboration Cloud Adoption Services Team offers a post-sales fast track program that’s part of your Citrix Content Collaboration entitlement. This provides both customers and partners with a quicker and more efficient rollout strategy to maximize ROI.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between IT and business challenges while providing world class customer experience and eliminating shelfware.

For more information, contact Citrix Content Collaboration Cloud Adoption Services Team.

Customers who use adoption services get more value

Customers who use Citrix Content Collaboration’s Cloud Adoption services deploy the solution more efficiently and receive more benefits from their Citrix Content Collaboration investment – in fact, customers who use these services have a 27% greater end user adoption of Citrix Content Collaboration than those who don’t.

QuickStart Program

The Citrix Content Collaboration QuickStart Program is designed to get you up and running with Citrix Content Collaboration as quickly as possible, in your own unique environment.

The service is ideal for small to medium enterprise customers with internal resources that may be limited in data sharing expertise or have limited bandwidth to take on a new project.

Read the Citrix Content Collaboration QuickStart Program fact sheet

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