Software-centric application delivery

Citrix ADC provides you an exceptional application experience, simplicity and scalability to meet your hybrid multi-cloud deployment needs.

Give your IT teams visibility and control and your application developers with speed and control

Leverage application delivery capabilities while maintaining visibility 

Enterprises are embracing digital transformation, which means application development needs to stay current. With Citrix ADC, your line of business (LOB) application developers can deploy their own app delivery resources anyway they choose, whether it’s in their development environment or in a Platform as a Service (PaaS). 

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Build a microservices architecture with an enterprise-grade ADC

Create an infrastructure that can respond to market changes quickly

Microservices are the emerging application architecture. Citrix ADC protects your investment and is with you every step of the way to help your teams move to a robust, automated architecture using containerized and VM-based ADCs, with service discovery, resource management and orchestration. Benefits include flexible options for North-South traffic handling, high-performance SSL and TLS combined with the end-to-end visibility and analytics to give your teams the control they need.

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Automate your application delivery controllers on demand

Bridge the skills gap with simple Citrix ADC StyleBooks

Faster application development and deployment are the new mantras for digital transformation. From simple to sophisticated configurations can be deployed using YAML templates. IT teams can curate these templates to enable developers to access ADC capabilities quickly and independently to fit their application delivery needs.

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