Improve Skype for Business performance and quality

Voice over IP (VoIP) is commonplace in today’s business environment. It’s the key element within modern, unified communication platforms, which combine voice, email, and video with internal IT systems and applications to boost productivity and the bottom line. However, these platforms—including Skype for Business and Jabber—face bandwidth constraints that cause packet loss, distortions, dropped connections, and other quality of service (QoS) concerns, limiting the platforms’ efficiency and use.

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Users today expect strong, resilient lines for communication. Citrix Networking solutions facilitate every step to provide clear, high quality and reliable communications. Even during network failures and interruptions in Internet service, Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix ADC integrate to deliver a lossless, always-available Skype for Business experience that addresses bandwidth requirements and meets QoS demands.

Citrix SD-WAN binds multiple MPLS, mobile, and broadband paths into a single path. Traffic is adjusted on the fly to route real-time applications, such as VoIP, to the lowest-latency, least congested path. Citrix ADC actively monitors Skype for Business sessions to protect against bandwidth disruptions caused by high traffic or server outages, ensuring high call quality and platform reliability.

With Citrix SD-WAN, you have granular controls over QoS, which means you choose the categories (or even individual apps, like Skype for Business) that will receive the highest, real-time QoS settings. And if a particular path assigned to VoIP slows down, Citrix SD-WAN dynamically reroutes it within milliseconds to the best one available. The ability of Citrix SD-WAN to duplicate packets further ensures excellent voice quality.

With Citrix Networking solutions in place, enterprises can confidently take advantage of broadband connections that are less expensive than MPLS yet provide the same QoS over the SD-WAN. This allows organizations to grow their networks quickly and at a significant savings. 

Citrix products

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Maintains connectivity even during multiple path failures
  • Dynamically reroutes paths to provide the highest possible quality of service
  • Bonds WAN paths together to provide the highest amount of bandwidth for any app
  • Option packet duplication ensures lossless connectivity

Citrix ADC

  • Load balances dynamically for greatest availability
  • Delivers high-quality VoIP to any device at any location
  • Guarantees 100 percent uptime, even during blackouts
  • Provides real-time analysis and trending of traffic flows to identify potential user experience issues