Provide your application developer with an ADC that delivers speed and flexibility

Enterprises are embracing digital transformation, which means application development needs to stay current. With Citrix NetScaler, your line of business (LOB) application developers can deploy their own app delivery resources anyway they choose, whether it’s in their development environment, in the cloud or in a Platform as a Service (PaaS). There is never a need to open tickets with IT as NetScaler provides the speed and control you and your developers need.

Provide your application developer with an ADC that delivers speed and flexibility

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The Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS) StyleBook defines all NetScaler configurations in a structured YAML form accessible through a simple GUI or through StyleBook APIs. Your IT teams can choose the StyleBooks they need and map to the configuration to provide your line of business (LOB) developers. Scale your operations by providing your developers with a self-service model for virtual IP provisioning when their app is deployed in dev, test and prod environments.

NetScaler supports software and hardware application delivery approaches, offering freedom to pick the form factor and approach that best fits your needs. NetScaler VPX supports scale up and scale out capabilities, hitless upgrades and extensive telemetry to help developers and operations team members quickly troubleshoot application issues. NetScaler CPX offers the same capabilities in a Docker container form factor.

With NetScaler, developers can consume ADC capabilities during development with policies and configurations that can be transported or moved to production NetScalers under the control of your cloud digital team. With full access to their own Netscaler resources, developers can view their application performance statistics and troubleshoot even when the infrastructure is shared across many applications.

NetScalers have been used by SSPs and enterprises for more than a decade. Many open-source products don’t have a management, analytics, and orchestration platform. And most mainstream ADC vendors don’t have a containerized ADC with a simplified architecture that can function independent of hardware. Unlike the competition, NetScaler provides the complete stack.

Citrix products

NetScaler ADC

  • Citrix NetScaler provides an exceptional application experience in your hybrid multi-cloud environment with continuous optimization and availability of your applications at all times.
  • NetScaler Application templates leverage cloud service automation tools to help speedily deploy your application delivery infrastructure.
  • Available in various form factors, including industry-standard hypervisors and a cloud-native, DevOps-friendly containerized form factor that can be easily provisioned by your developers in a Docker host.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System

  • Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire NetScaler infrastructure from a single, unified console.
  • View, automate, and manage network services for scale-out application architectures.
  • Get end to end analytics and insight into application performance and automated troubleshooting.

NetScaler VPX & CPX 

  • NetScaler VPX provides the complete NetScaler web and application load balancing, secure and remote access, acceleration, security and offload feature set in a simple, easy-to-install virtual appliance.
  • NetScaler CPX provides the NetScaler web and application load balancing, acceleration, security and offload feature set in a simple, easy-to-install container.
  • Leverage Docker engine capabilities and NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for container-based applications.
  • Deploy one or more NetScaler CPX instances as standalone instances on a Docker host.


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