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People in remote and branch locations rely on the performance of their digital workspace to be productive. If your WAN can’t keep up with the bandwidth demands of today’s media-rich applications then your user experience — and ultimately the business — will suffer. But most often, the problem isn’t your applications — it’s the WAN. Organizations need application acceleration and WAN optimization to ensure secure, reliable performance for all users.

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An SD-WAN that’s HDX-aware provides a better experience for virtual application and desktops. Citrix SD-WAN compression technology removes the load on the virtual application and desktop servers.

Citrix SD-WAN also ensures that no single user affects another’s bandwidth on a constrained WAN by forwarding HDX traffic evenly from all users. A priority queuing engine reserves a configured percentage of bandwidth for each class of traffic or queue to ensure minimum bandwidth utilization.

By selecting the best network path for each HDX sub-channel based on network conditions, Citrix SD-WAN moves lower-priority sub-channels to slower links. This leaves the best-performing links available for more latency-sensitive traffic.

Traffic for the virtualized softphones and unified communications applications is duplicated across multiple paths to increase reliability. The result is lower latency and improved audio quality.

Citrix SD-WAN allows you to augment MPLS with broadband—logically bonded into a single link— to add bandwidth quickly, flexibly, and at a lower cost than an MPLS upgrade. Because all bandwidth is active, your current unused backup links become available, immediately increasing available bandwidth and allowing you to support more users, apps, video, and other rich media your business runs on.

With Citrix SD-WAN, your existing bandwidth is used efficiently and intelligently reserved for critical applications during peak usage times. Compression improves the performance of virtual applications by sharing compression history over all the connections between two SD-WAN appliances.

Citrix SD-WAN allows you to monitor HDX session quality through reporting and measurement features. These tools help you understand application performance to improve troubleshooting and bandwidth management, and to accelerate application delivery.

Citrix SD-WAN provides visibility to more than 4,000 applications at each network segment and branch to see what is happening inside application suites such as SharePoint Online within Office 365. Citrix SD-WAN combines detailed HDX information with all application information to present a unified view.

Visibility of how current SD-WAN policies are impacting the user experience guides further fine-tuning. Quality of Experience (QoE) reporting provides instant visibility into each application with detailed performance metrics including latency, jitter, packet loss, and congestion.

Citrix products

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Bonds multiple WAN links to create a single, secure, logical path
  • Provides WAN optimization and acceleration to support up to 4 times as many virtual app and desktop users
  • Reduces WAN bandwidth demand and simplifies IT at the branch level
  • Monitors, diagnoses, and troubleshoots app delivery issues

Citrix ADC

  • Compresses data to improve the delivery process and provide application acceleration
  • Caches frequently accessed files, freeing up servers for more critical tasks
  • Uses modification techniques to improve delivery over bandwidth-constrained mobile networks
  • Provides faster app performance and up to 20 times higher database performance