Consolidate multiple remote access solutions

Applications have evolved. Over time, the addition of multiple point solutions to deliver applications in traditional, mobile, BYOD, and cloud environments has complicated data center infrastructures. Managing and securing an enterprise cluttered with supplemental VPNs, monitors, and gateways drives up costs, requires more administration, makes the network rigid, and also more vulnerable to security risks. In addition, it leads to poor user experience as a result of inconsistent UI, multiple passwords and multiple URLs to access applications. 

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As a consolidated, secure front end that provides single sign-on across all of your internal, web, and cloud resources, Citrix Gateway provides an exceptional and seamless user experience. It also simplifies creation and administration of otherwise disparate access policies. With one solution instead of many, you can rely on a consistent set of access rules and reduced security risks.

Citrix Gateway provides an always-on connection that allows a user to move from office LAN to a remote or WiFi connection without affecting the SSL VPN session. As the user transitions from office LAN to home, or to a coffee shop, they are automatically reconnected to their corporate networks as soon as internet access is available.

Citrix Gateway provides access to intranet resources through any native browser installed on the end user’s device. Admins can set up contextual policy controls and scan the user’s device before enforcing the appropriate level of authentication and access policies.

Citrix Application Delivery Management dashboard extracts information from Citrix Gateway to provide complete end-to-end visibility into all TCP, HTTP, and HDX-based access sessions. Integrated HDX Insight provides unparalleled monitoring and auditing of HDX traffic associated with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments, while Gateway Insight provides monitoring and auditing of errors related to user authentication failures, end point check failures, or any single sign-on failures for any application traffic passing through Citrix ADC.  

Citrix Gateway offers secure remote access to any application, whether it’s web, legacy client-server, SaaS, mobile, or Citrix apps. A consolidated access point gives administrators centralized policy management, as well as granular, app-level control based on network or device. Support for the X1 StoreFront theme means that any changes to the StoreFront UI are automatically applied to the Gateway portal and vice versa. This provides a consistent UI for end users and easier management for admins.

Citrix Gateway provides multi-factor nFactor authentication (MFA) that allows configuring any number of authentication steps to access confidential data based on user role, location, device state, and more. It supports LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS, Diameter, and SAML2.0 authentication mechanisms, among others.

Citrix product

Citrix Gateway

  • Enables high-performance app delivery at any location on any device
  • Provides industry-leading remote access via a secure web gateway
  • Delivers a better user experience, with single sign-on and one URL to access all apps
  • Eliminates the need for multiple point solutions, saving money and maintenance time
  • Provides a consolidated view into all network, authentication, and application issues, including virtual desktop delivery performance