Ensure business continuity and IT disaster recovery

From natural disasters to minor disruptions, every network is vulnerable to risk. While most business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans focus on protecting the data center, your plans should also ensure server availability and access to the business-critical apps, data, and collaboration tools that keep the business running. Remote access and WAN technologies are key, allowing people to work as usual, even during a natural emergency.

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In the event of a data center failure, Citrix ADC automatically redirects user traffic to a secondary site, with no interruptions for users. Load balancing and global server load balancing across several data centers further ensures optimum server health, capacities, and utilization. And Citrix SD-WAN provides a similar function for the WAN, automatically redirecting traffic across any available connections. In fact, the experience is so seamless, users won’t even realize any change has occurred. Their primary access IP address will remain unchanged, allowing users to access their apps and data using the same methods and devices.

It’s difficult to be fully productive when using unfamiliar access methods or tools, so your IT disaster recovery solution should include a plan for ensuring users can continue to work the way they usually do. Citrix Gateway eliminates the need for special access methods during a business continuity event. Data and apps are delivered to users in the same way they’re accustomed to—whether it’s LAN, WAN, broadband, satellite, hotspot, or mobile—with the same inherent security, control, compliance monitoring, and tracking capabilities for IT.

Citrix SD-WAN appliances continuously monitor every MPLS and broadband connection by tagging packets with sequence numbers. Destination appliances can detect path outages after just two or three missing packets, allowing seamless sub-second failover of traffic to the next-best WAN path. Users are never forced to restart, reconnect, or log in to applications again. Appliances also detect immediately when connections come back online, and seamlessly return traffic to the restored paths. Competing solutions can’t match this level of failover performance.

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Maintains connectivity even during multiple network failures
  • Dynamically reroutes to provide the highest possible quality of service
  • Binds multiple MPLS, mobile, and broadband paths together to provide a single, logical path