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Hybrid and multi-cloud are the new norm for networking. Think beyond traditional networking toward a secure digital perimeter.

Deliver and access apps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments by addressing these new needs

Reliable access & delivery

Provide reliable user access to apps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Applications and services are becoming more distributed across clouds and data centers. And users around the globe need reliable access, whether they’re at the company branch, at home, or on any other network. SD-WAN goes beyond traditional ADCs and load balancing to help you aggregate all types of networks for a consistent user experience, no matter where they are.

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Trusted security

Protect your web access and infrastructure with a people-centric approach to security

With apps moving to the cloud, the typical network security model of “connect first and authenticate later” leaves you vulnerable to internet-based attacks. You need multiple technologies to create a secure digital perimeter that puts users at the center of your security framework. While gateways can provide contextual access and security by authenticating users before allowing access, ADCs, web application firewalls and secure web gateway components provide protection to your network and application infrastructure from external and internal attacks.

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Visibility and insights

Provide full visibility and insights through intelligent analytics

Deploying separate solutions to address each application across your hybrid or multi-cloud environment can be difficult to secure and manage. Harness and analyze multiple data streams from ADCs, SD-WAN, and other technologies to provide end-to-end visibility and analysis of applications, users, and devices across the network.

Citrix helps simplify networking and security in the hybrid and multi-cloud world. 

Citrix ADC integrates multiple components to enable reliable access and delivery of apps with trusted security and visibility with insights through intelligent analytics.

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Branch networking and wan optimization

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Citrix Application Delivery Management

Network Traffic Optimization

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

Citrix networking solutions meet all these requirements

  Citrix F5
HAProxy NGINX Cisco
VeloCloud Okta
Basic Server Load Balancing      
Visibility across clouds & user/network/app analytics            
App reliability: Branch to any cloud        
User centric app security (Example: SSO)        

How do organizations plan to assure application delivery in a multi-cloud world?

Awards and accolades

Consider Citrix for all ADC opportunities, worldwide

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Citrix Web App Firewall is a Market Leader in Security Effectiveness, Performance, and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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NetScaler has grown to become an integrated and hugely vital part of our operations. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t run through it.
Aaron Hutchinson
Web Master, Infrastructure Server Support Team
Washington State Department of Transportation

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protecting web apps and services

Citrix Web App Firewall

Protect your users from web threats

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Branch networking and WAN  OPTIMIZATIoN

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