Secure your digital business. Safeguard your apps and data.

Webinar: Chrome OS & Citrix: Simplify Endpoint Management and VDI Strategy

Apr 24, 2018
2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT

During this IDG webinar, learn how Citrix and Chrome Enterprise provide secure access to mission-critical apps to enable a productive workforce inside or outside your corporate infrastructure.

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Address the growing cybersecurity threats of today while preparing for future requirements

Citrix security solutions help customers proactively protect information, manage risk, and achieve compliance. Customers rely on us for the security of their business with an integrated and comprehensive secure digital workspace and secure digital perimeter that:

  • Unifies and enriches the end user experience.
  • Secures all types of enterprise apps and data.
  • Simplifies IT management across increasingly complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Citrix security solutions address customer challenges

Secure Access

Provide employees and third parties with secure, contextual access to business apps and data

Mobile Security

Manage mobile device and mobile app security without compromising productivity

Data & IP Protection

Safeguard sensitive information from theft and loss, and IP from infringement and misappropriation

Compliance & Governance

Address risk and global compliance standards and industry regulations

Business Continuity

Address continuity of operations and system availability during business disruptions and cyber attacks

Lock down your enterprise IT security strategy

Our unique security solution creates a software defined perimeter that combines secure access to apps and data with contextual control, visibility and behavior analytics across devices, networks and clouds. Click below to learn more.

Grant and restrict access to apps and data contextually based on dynamic parameters like the user's endpoint, where they are located, and what information they are accessing. Control access, authentication, and authorization to your apps, data, and network.

Protect your network and provide encrypted delivery of apps and data while ensuring 100% uptime and performance. Achieve security, compliance, and risk mitigation through secure remote access, network segmentation, and network availability.

Take control at the application level. Centralize your apps in the data center or cloud, and provide secure access regardless of device. This helps you protect sensitive business information and defend against zero-day and denial-of-service attacks.

Secure enterprise data in the data center or cloud instead of on endpoint devices. Containerization, data encryption, and secure file sharing can reduce the risk of leaks and attacks, including on mobile devices, while helping ensure regulatory compliance.

Advanced monitoring tools give you full visibility into your IT infrastructure. Detect threats, misconfigurations, and performance issues so you can respond fast and avoid user interruption. Comply with regulations and reduce the scope of security and compliance audits.

of IT professionals say a new IT security framework is needed to improve their security posture and reduce risk

Source: Ponemon study

Citrix Workspace gives you the integrated and flexible framework you need to secure your apps, data, and network—and protect your business.

Citrix solutions meet important compliance standards

See how Citrix solves your security challenges