Secure and manage Office 365 on mobile devices

Access popular Office apps without the risk of losing corporate data

Microsoft Office 365 gives users the ability to seamlessly access Word, Excel, Exchange, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft applications that are critical to business anywhere they go, on any device. But adopting O365 is just the beginning—in addition to Microsoft apps, most enterprise organizations deploy other native mobile apps, as well as custom-built apps, web and SaaS apps, and even virtualized apps that run securely in the data center. IT requires visibility into all supported platforms and the apps and data they contain.

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Citrix XenMobile enables IT to provide protection for corporate apps, as well isolation from personal apps on users’ mobile devices. Selectively wipe corporate apps and data from mobile devices without impacting the user’s personal device settings.

Distribute public Office apps using the XenMobile store. The XenMobile store can contain any app that the organization wishes to make available to its users. Because the Office apps are managed apps, the admin has full ability to publish and revoke privileges to users.

Citrix XenMobile allows for seamless open-in functionality, so users can exchange data and documents with native Office apps. An attachment in XenMobile Secure Mail can seamlessly be opened in various Microsoft Office 365 apps.

Enable both data-at-rest and data-in-motion security using per-app VPN with Citrix NetScaler ADC.  The same NetScaler Application Delivery Controller used for Citrix Secure Mail and other XenMobile apps can also be used for O365.

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  • Securely deliver Office 365 and other mobile apps to authorized and compliant mobile devices.
  • Enforce policies regarding device encryption that protects data at rest.
  • Enable micro-VPN and per-app VPN protection of data in transit between the cloud and the internal enterprise datacenter or network.


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